What to Expect

DSO Successful Learning provides Focused Courses to Elevate your Dental Career. In our Comprehensive Consulting Program you will begin with the fundamentals to success and expand your knowledge.

  • Learning videos to guide you through the material

  • Quizzes that show your growth and comprehension

  • Downloadable documents to keep as references

  • Alignment within DSO culture and philosophy

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    1. Well What Do You Know.....

    • Welcome Message from DSO Success Consulting

    • You Can Only Begin where You Are - Please answer the questions to the best of your ability and as honestly and openly as possible. If you do not know, choose or write I don't know. DSOS will not share these answers without your consent .

  • 2

    2. Daily Practice Flash

    • Introduction to The Daily Flash

    • Daily Practice Flash Quiz

    • Flash Form

  • 3

    3. Hygiene Retention for Active Patients

    • Hygiene Retention for Active Patients

    • Hygiene Retention Process Instructions

    • QUIZ - Hygiene Retention for Active Patients - Must make 85% to pass

    • Homework: Submit your practice KPIs for the first month

  • 4

    4. Team Building October 15, 2020

    • Introduction

    • Dr. Pete's Vivid Vision

    • Flash Review

    • Communication Relay Presentation

    • Scheduling to Control Stress

    • Zoom Recording of the Day

  • 5

    5. Team Building October 21, 2020

    • COMMIT!

    • Overview of Financial Arrangement and Treatment Day Collection

    • Hygiene Retention Overview

    • Communication Relay Review

    • Wrap Up

  • 6

    6. 2021 Fee Schedule Updates

    • Verbal Skills Handout

    • 2021 Fee Analysis and Verbal Skills Quiz

  • 7

    8. Basic Coding and Simple Treatment Planning

    • Smalltown Dental Treatment Planning Protocol

    • Commonly Used Codes - General and Restorative

    • Commonly Used Codes - Denture and Partial

Additional Courses

DSO Successful Learning Provides Focused Courses to Elevate your Dental Career

  • Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy Program

    DSO Success will provide implementation techniques, educational tools, and training support of an advanced hygiene process. This program focuses on the overall health of the patient and how risk factors affect the patient periodontally.

  • Associate Doctor Excellence Program

    Our Associate Doctor Excellence Program identifies the strengths and values of the associate while developing the technical skills, case selection, and presentation techniques to align with the organization.

  • Coming Soon - Practice Manager Excellence Program

    Leading a team of dental professionals can be daunting if you do not have the proper skillset. Our Practice Manager Excellence Program will navigate the responsibilities including hiring decisions, KPIs, and proper leadership.


5 Star Review

by Chrissy Weaver

Danya is the BEST. We had a break down in the way our office functioned. Not only did she coach the practice on team building, but she taught invaluable skills with how to create repor and connections with patients, tightened up the office organization, provided patient psychology to help patients overcome their objections and say YES to treatment. Taught simple daily income producing activities to help foster growth within the practice. She is an absolutely amazing life coach, mentor, and instructor with the heart and passion to also become your friend.

Coming soon!

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